Blumhardt – Avondale

Situated in Avondale, this property was one of many duplex monotek properties in the area, all with leaky building issues. The owner registered the home as having moisture ingress issues within the required 10-year period, so was eligible for the governments Financial Assistance Package (FAP). At the point, we were contacted the owner had submitted the required information for the Financial Assistance Package but was struggling to make progress with the claim.

Once Licensed Reclads were engaged we took over the FAP submission for them and got everything in place to start the project. One item that did need to be addressed, however, was the issue of a timber intertenancy wall and the new fire regulations because the house is a duplex home. This issue was resolved onsite with a meeting with the council and James Hardie Linea was used to comply with the regulations of the building code.

Our builders completed this job in very good time with no delays or added expense. The owners had always expected they would need to sell the property once the works were complete, however, with an excellent valuation report and the project completed under budget, they were able to keep it as an investment property, which was great to hear.