Recladding Costs

How much does it cost to reclad a plaster home?

The cost of recladding a plaster home will depend on the:

  1. Size of the home
  2. Complexity of design
  3. Extent of damage to the structure of the building

Many people ask us if there is a square-meter cost to reclad a home that is leaky or a plaster home that is affected by the leaky building stigma. It is always best to give us a call to discuss your home for an accurate cost which you are welcome to do, but as a guide we have broken it down into the following five categories.

These figures assume the direct fix plaster home will be reclad in timber weatherboards with new double glazed joinery.

Example 1

Standard 200 square meter 3-4 bedroom stand alone plaster clad home in need of a reclad.

Estimated Cost

Assuming the works would be simple with no roof works or internal decks, the reclad cost of this style of home is from $240k + gst

Example 2

200 square meter 3-4 bedroom stand alone plaster clad home with additional works required.

Estimated Cost

Recladding and required roof works such as an eves extension. The cost for this style of recladding works is from $275k + gst

Example 3

Architectural designed plaster home with paraphets; no eves, internal decks or a flat roof.

Estimated Cost

These homes normally require some redesign to reduce high risk junctions and have more decayed timber. Recladding this style of plaster home costs from $350k + gst

Example 4

150 square meter single level plaster home with a simple design and good eves covering.

Estimated Costs

These homes generally have less risk and require less timber remediation. They are the easiest homes to reclad and can be done quicker and cheaper. Costs from $135k +gst

Example 5

A split level home with a plaster top and brick or block base.

Estimated Costs

The majority of the time these homes are simple to reclad and this helps to keep the cost down. Recladding a split level home costs from $160k + gst

Please Note

Please be advised that these are price estimates only.

Every home is different and the scope of work and cost can vary a lot. Additional costs such as council fees and architectural drawings are also in need of considering.

We offer all homeowners a free, no obligation consultation and a free estimate or quote for our recladding services. 

All you need to do is provide us with the original plans which should be in your council file and we will do the rest.

Please contact us today for further information on recladding costs and the process involved. We are happy to help.

Quotes and Tenders

Licensed Reclads can provide you with an accurate, detailed quote or tender for your project from working drawings.

The quote or tender you receive will be accompanied by:

  • A fully itemized schedule of works which completely break down the cost of the project for you.
  • Realistic provisional sums which are as accurate as possible along with a schedule of our rates.
  • A detailed construction timeline.
  • A progress payment schedule.

If you are applying for financial assistance under the government’s Financial Assistance Package (FAP) our quotes and tenders are of a suitable standard to be submitted for this process.

Financial Assistance Package (FAP)

We are experienced with the FAP process and can handle your FAP claim for you.

If you are applying for financial assistance under the government’s Financial Assistance Package (FAP) it is important to use a company that has experience with the tender process, tender analysis and break down for your claim.

Project management

We offer our own project management on all jobs; this is included in your quote.

If you would like to discuss your options or obtain a free quote please contact us.

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