Re-clad and Renovation – Saint Heliers

Licensed Reclads were recommended to the clients of this property after they started to notice moisture damage in their home.

It was evident that one deck in particular over a living area was causing problems, along with some ground clearance issues. After discussions with the client and an architect that specialises in reclads, plans were finalised to tackle the root cause of the problems.

As anticipated, removal of the stucco cladding revealed a substantial amount of decayed timber. This was repaired and existing timber was treated. The building was then insulated, wrapped and new joinery was installed. The roof area was extended to close in the problematic deck area and the ground clearance issues were addressed. The home was then finished in Jenkin A-lign bevelback timber weatherboards over a cavity system and looks amazing.

The owners were very impressed with our team and the high quality of their workmanship. This project also came in under budget which would delight any home owner.