Reclad – Mairangi Bay

This North Shore property had great street appeal but was let down by its plaster cladding and the stigma involved. The owners made the decision to reclad their property in order to remedy the issues and restore its value.

Licensed Reclads provided a detailed quote from working drawings and the project commenced.

The home was in need of extensive remediation work due to the high level of moisture ingress. This could easily have proven problematic if the owners hadn’t engaged weather tightness professionals. The contract of works provided to our client contained within it a contingency for timber remediation and our experience proved vital in the quick and efficient repairs.

The project was brought back on track quickly and the home was finished off with
new pine bevel back weatherboards, new double glazed joinery and an asphalt shingle roof.

Everyone was pleased with the finished result of this reclad and we were happy to see the family back in their home. We hope they enjoy living in their home which is now as good as new.