Reclad – Re-roof and Major Renovation – Epsom

The age-old saying ‘the worst house on the best street’ holds true for this property located in Epsom. A substantial plaster home with a dated high risk design that required re-designing, renovating and re-cladding in order to attain its true market value.

Licensed Reclads were recommended to the client and provided a complete price for a full contract, drawing on their extensive experience to highlight additional costs and contingences that would be required for the large task ahead.

With the costs laid out in a transparent manner and the owner happy, works began on the property. As predicted there was extensive timber decay, a result of direct fix stucco plaster to untreated timber compounded further by poor design features such as parapet walls, no eaves and membrane internal gutters. Although the damage was extensive, there were no unexpected costs to the client as our provisional sums for timber re-instatement were within budget.

Once the timber re-instatement process was complete the parapets and roof were removed. A new roof was pitched and laid with iron to replace the flat roof which had previously failed. Double glazed joinery was installed and the property was clad in pine timber weatherboards. This project was completed on time and under budget.

The owners were delighted with the high end finish, to their now high end property, in a very sort after location. Most definitely a sound investment on their part.