Reclad – Titirangi

The owner of this Titirangi based property approached us for advice and information on the cost of recladding their home.

We provided a detailed estimate based on discussions with the client and their requirements. The estimate laid out all the important costs involved, so that they could decide whether recladding their home was financially viable.

Plans were drawn up by our designer and works commenced as soon as consent was granted from council. The direct fix plaster cladding system was removed to display a few pockets of moisture ingress. Our guys quickly and efficiently worked to remove the decayed timber and reinstate treated timber in preparation for the cavity and cladding.

The property was clad in timber weatherboards and new double glazed joinery was fitted.
The project ran smoothly and the owner was able to move back into their home in no time whilst we applied for their new CCC. The property is now modern and can be enjoyed as it was always intended.