Reclad – West Harbour

Located on a popular street in West Harbour, this large family home had a grand feel about it and we were excited to get started on this project.

The clients of this property were concerned that it had weather tightness issues but were understandably feeling nervous about the reclad process.

Once the cladding was removed, and the decayed timber exposed, the owners were relieved that they had made the right decision to reclad their home.

Our builders did a great job on this property and the new shingle roof, along with the new pine weatherboards on a drained cavity look amazing. Everything is perfect and the finish is very high end. There is no doubt that this reclad has substantially increased the value of this property.

It’s a stunning home inside and out, which is something for all involved to be proud of, we hope the owners enjoy this family home for years to come.