Two Storey Reclad and Alterations – Te Atatu Peninsular

Upon successful completion of a weather tight claim, Licensed reclads were recommended to the client and engaged to project manage and complete the reclad works.

This property had weather tight issues associated with decks over living areas. Unfortunately, the cost of repairing decks over living areas is high and if the maintenance schedule is not adhered to in the future, there is the risk that future problems may arise. After a cost benefit discussion with the owner, it was decided that the best course of action would be to extend the roof and enclose the decks to form additional living area within the home. From a re-sale point of view this made financial sense.

As predicted and budgeted for, removal of the Insulcald plaster cladding and brickwork revealed some areas of major structural damage. These were repaired, new trusses were fitted ready to take the roof and existing timber was treated. The building was then insulated and wrapped before new double glazed joinery was installed. It was then finished with Jenkin A-lign bevelback weatherboards on a cavity system.

Upon completion the delighted owners were presented with a home that had radically changed in shape and appearance. Our team did a fantastic job, it is now one, if not the best houses on the street.